Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Our 2 Million Dollar Home

If there's one thing about living with the family, it's that it's that you're staying under your parents' roof. Privacy is limited and you're subjected to their rules. Not until you've tasted the sweet air of freedom of staying out on your own (let's not get onto the difficulties of staying alone just yet) do you know just what you're missing.

Take, for example, our personal effects. As we said, personal privacy is a luxury as our letters have been 'accidentally' opened before (it didn't help that one of those letters turned out to be our credit card statement...), how tarot cards were found in our possession, goodness knows what else they've dug up. We can't just drape our books, gadgets, clothes or whatever whereever we like - not even in our room. Messiness will just get mum to harangue us to clean up or she'll throw it all out.

So in the case of some of our more portable gadgets that we tend to bring around, they were strewn around the room - on our table, charging in the corner, under our pillow...until we got a wee bag (akin to like them pouches rock climbers use to store their chalk and stuff) to stuff it all in and carry it about at the same time. No more bulging pockets. Everything fitted nicely, it wasn't large nor unwieldy, and it didn't look like a manbag.

After a while that wasn't enough. We had to get our own home in the end. No choice. So during the start of this week we did a bit of hunting around the Bangsar area. Went looking around a few places for something that would catch our eye.

It took a while, especially when all the time we have to hunt about was during the lunch break. But finally we found it.

Our 2 Million Dollar Home. And we hearts it.

It's larger than our previous bag, admittedly, but it's comfy - it can even fit in a paperback! Plenty of compartments to store stuff, even our NDS and all our NDS cards as well if we wanted to. It was time we changed bags anyway - the zipper for one of the smaller compartments in the earlier bag was busted, and when we stuffed everything into the main compartment it looked rather bulky.

We'd totally forgotten about Crumpler at first. Spent our lunch going about Bangsar Village looking at Ted Baker and the likes. Fortunately everything there screamed MANBAG, and we're not ready to be seen around lugging one of those. Our Crumpler 2 Million Dollar Home is not a manbag. It's the right size, doesn't look like some sports toiletry bag nor look too formal, and is meant to look slightly out of shape.

Only, we wish that our new Crumpler had a belt strap or something rather than just the shoulder strap. Right now the only way to carry it properly is to sling it over one shoulder and hold onto the strap so it doesn't slip off.

But our Crumpler is not a manbag! If we ever was aiming for a manbag we'll take advice dah.

Not a manbag!


Henry Yeo said...

go use a backpack!

William said...

Crumpler is so freaking expensive!

Koala Express said...

wakaka backpack... so when getting ur own house? quick quick... :P

Jason said...

You bought it!?
Yaya, not manbag :P

hrugaar said...

What is a manbag? A bag for carrying your man around? :P

Janvier said...

Henry: No. If we wanted a backpack we'd have shopped for a backpack.

William: It isn't cheap for sure. But it's nice!

Koala: Long way to go lah house, sigh.

Jason: 'Course we bought it. Not a manbag!

Hrugaar: Hmmm. We're sure some people might like that concept. And we think manbag's just a portmanteau of man and handbag...although that might not be correct either.